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However, when it comes to short films, the 2010s was presumably the most noteworthy decade in the history of the genre. In this decade we see a lot of short films that were record-breaking. The quality of those movies was nothing short of astonishing. It would not be inaccurate to say that this has got a lot to do with the technological leap we have taken in the last decade. As we moved into 2010, the digital revolution was sorting out. Even the young filmmakers had access to the best techniques needed to execute their ideas.

Platforms like Flixtor and Vimeo also take part in an instrumental role in stimulating filmmakers to take this route. The development in the quality of the story and production has also made film festivals take more interest in the short film genre. Now it has become a major part of those events. A short movie can vary from one minute long or up to forty minutes. Usually, those who tell short stories do so to amuse their viewers. They want to share a story with morals. We can learn a lot of life lessons from short films. I'll discuss a couple of the recent award-winning short films that I mentioned.

The Phone Call: The rightly deserved the best actress nomination and in the academy award-winning Sally Hawkins was excellent.In the 2013 short film Phone Call, she has something special for you. It is a 22 minutes short movie that follows a story of a shy lady. Her name is Heather she works in a helpline call center. When she received a call from an unknown man her life was changed. In this movie, the shy girl Heather is trying to save a person’s life.

The Neighbors’ Window: It is a 20 minutes short movie created and directed by Marshall Curry. The movie follows the story of a middle-aged woman Alli. The star Maria Dizzia played the role of Ali. Ali lives with her young children. When Ali starts to observe the life of a young, free-spirited couple. Then her life changes dramatically. The story shows that sometimes we only see what we want to see. The movie earned an academy award at the recent Oscars for its breathtaking cinematography and interpretive story. 

The Silent Child: This 2017 short film is also worthy of getting a mention on our list. The story of this movie is based on a real-life event. This short film is set in rural England. The movie follows the story of a four-year-old deaf girl Libby. She lived with her middle-class family in rural England and spent her life in silence. Libby's view sees the world start to change when a caring social worker enters her life. He teaches her the gift of communication. This is a heartfelt short film that just melts the heart of its audience. 

Helium: This is the 23-minute short film that was released in 2013. The amazing title follows the whole life of a young boy named Alfred. He is dying from a terminal disease. He is spending his last days in the hospital. He tells him the legend of Helium, a fantastical place where Alfred can go when he dies. During the 2014 Oscars, this short film won the Academy Award for best short.


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